The Rise of Biometric Data

NBA veteran Deandre Jordan shown wearing a biometric device, called a Whoop (courtesy of ESPN)

As the home-town favorite steps up to the free throw line to decide the game, the crowd subdues to an eerie silence. In the stands, fans slide towards the edge of their seats in anticipation. For those watching at home, they see different statistics pop up on the screen: how many free throws he’s taken tonight, how many he’s made, his free throw percentage in clutch situations. However, on the sidelines, the coaching and training staff are preoccupied in a different way. They are looking at biometric data generated from a small band on the player’s wrist. They believe that this data – the player’s heart rate, skin temperature, and his pulse – will reveal crucial insights into how their star’s body operates and will present them with ways to maximize his performance.

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